How to take advantage of online casino no deposit bonuses

How to take advantage of online casino no deposit bonuses

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Have you ever been offered a no deposit bonus at an online casino and had no idea what it was? If you answered yes, then that explains why you are reading this post.

First, you should know that every online platform now offers a rewards program to its users. More customers will visit the casino if the loyalty program is robust. Almost every gambler wants a generous bonus to boost their bankroll because it has a big impact on the number of winnings.

In this post, we’ll explain what no deposit bonuses are, and most importantly, how to claim them and how to use bonus codes such as Rocketplay casino bonus codes .

What Exactly is a No-deposit Bonus?

A no deposit bonus (as the name implies) is aimed primarily at new players and does not require you to deposit to claim it. In other words, it’s a completely free online casino bonus that doesn’t require any form of deposit.

This is a stark contrast to online casino welcome bonuses (also known as matching, match, or sign-up bonuses), which always need an initial deposit or deposits to activate. Recently, no deposit incentives have become popular amongst online casinos, and are considered the “new generation” of bonuses.

To get a no deposit bonus, you need to create a new account at the casino that is offering it. The good thing about no deposit bonuses is that you can cash out a share of your real money earnings. That is, assuming you are lucky and meet the bonus wagering criteria outlined in the bonus terms and conditions.

What is a no deposit bonus code?

These are actual codes made up of a few letters and digits that are usually linked to the bonus. A code like “SLOTS50” or anything similar might be used for an exclusive $60 no deposit bonus that’s only for slots play. Bear in mind that a no deposit bonus code is simply a key that must be used to access a specific offer. It will not increase the amount of bonus you claim with it or any of the terms and conditions.

It is entirely up to the casino whether or not a bonus requires a code to be activated. In other words, some online casinos include bonus codes with their offers to make it more interesting for players to claim them, while others do not.

How to Use Online No-deposit Bonus Codes?

No-deposit bonuses are the easiest online bonuses to claim. All you have to do is visit a trustworthy, licensed, and secure online casino that offers a substantial no deposit bonus with bonus codes. Then simply follow the below instructions, which are generally applicable to most online casino bonuses:

Some casinos may have a special ‘bonus code field’ where you can input the code as part of this process. Other casinos may demand you to input the code into their cashier/banking website, while others may require you to send the code to a customer service representative through Live Chat. In any case, simply provide the code to the casino when prompted.

Your free bonus should be activated and ready to use once you’ve successfully signed up for a new casino account and submitted a no deposit bonus code.

Log in to your new account with your username and password combination. Your account balance should show the bonus amount if you have a no deposit cash bonus. The listed slot game should be preloaded with the required amount of free spins if the bonus is a no deposit free spins bonus.

What are the Types of Online No-deposit Bonuses?

Now that you have grasped the idea of no-deposit bonuses, and how to use them, let’s talk about the three different types of no deposit bonuses. Even though they’re all unique in their ways, it’s vital to remember what they all could have in common: they’re all completely free to claim and use.

No-deposit Free Spins Bonuses

These incentives are geared at slot enthusiasts and consist of a certain number of free spins that can be used on one or more of the listed slots. The number of free spins offered varies with every casino, however, the numbers can range from 10 to 150. These bonuses are frequently used to promote the game provider’s newest and most popular slot titles.

No deposit cash bonuses

You can collect a set amount of bonus money using these bonuses, which you can spend to play a range of games. Casinos that give cash bonuses, for example, normally allow you to use the money to play other games at the casino. The amounts available vary for deposit in every casino, but in my experience, they range from $5 to $200.

No-deposit 1-hour Free Play Bonuses

Although not as popular as free spins or cash no deposit bonuses, 1-hour free play bonuses provide you with a reasonable sum of playing money, a specific slot game to play, and one hour to rack up as much profit as possible. You can play your earnings as regular bonus cash once your 60 minutes are over.

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