David said to Abigail: “Stick to me [i

David said to Abigail: “Stick to me [i

New resemblance amongst the facts of David and you may Abigail and the bout of David and you may Bathsheba don’t refrain the fresh new Rabbis, who viewed the nightly encounter ranging from David and you will Abigail since the an knowledge that have adulterous possible. The fresh Rabbis connect that Abigail’s leg was found so you can David, he lusted immediately following this lady and then he went immediately after their for a few parasangs. age., rest with me]!,” to which she responded: “Do not let that it end up being a factor in tripping” (v. 31)-this would never be a stumbling block and you can a factor in transgression for you. David did in fact follow their and overcame their worst desires. Next the guy blessed Abigail (v. 33): “and you may privileged getting your on your own to possess restraining me personally of trying redress inside blood [damim].”

This new Rabbis study on the brand new plural “damim” you to definitely she spared him from several transgressions: out-of committing bloodshed, and you can out-of which have relationships together when she was menstrually impure (BT Megillah loc. cit.). Which A variety of non-halakhic literary activitiy of the Rabbis to possess interpreting low-legal question predicated on special beliefs out-of interpretation (hermeneutical guidelines). midrash illustrates the students David as we know him later on regarding the episode of Bathsheba. In cases like this Abigail requires a computed remain against your, and through the lady he could be saved out-of sin. The bill off forces contained in this midrash is acceptable on Biblical disease, in which David have not ascended the fresh throne: they have no property, and then he flees to have his life away from Saul, if you’re Abigail try a female out-of higher status, centered and strong (while on the bout of David and you can Bathsheba which harmony out-of pushes is stopped).

Abigail was indeed privileged with this feature, trait of women

The new Sages learn from Abigail’s true blessing to David: “Don’t allow this end up being a factor in stumbling [le-fukah]” (v. 31) one to she prophesied to help you David you to definitely “this” wouldn’t be a stumbling block, but one several other incident-which have Bathsheba-could well be their undoing (BT Megillah loc. cit.). The newest Rabbis see from this you to definitely Abigail is actually a beneficial prophet sugardaddie wyszukiwania (see more than).

Some other customs expounds fukah because the “gossip [pikpukei devarim] try indeed there.” Abigail advised David: “You are going to rule all the Israel. If gossip about you happens forward, individuals will point out that you are a beneficial murderer! Which can be never assume all-you’re about to sin that have a wedded lady. It will be much better to-fall prey to that transgression immediately following, rather than double” (JT Sanhedrin dos:3, 20b).

David try captivated by a married girl and should not beat his interests

Before you take her leave off David, Abigail informs your (v. 31): “Of course the father has prospered my lord, remember the housemaid.” Brand new Rabbis answer that it with a well-known stating: “When you find yourself a lady talks she revolves,” and this praises woman’s capability to participate simultaneously in two activities one to want one’s notice. She involved with this lady partner’s issues and you may made an effort to conserve their lives, if you find yourself at the same time she smartly placed the origin to possess the future, because of the asking you to definitely David favorably consider this lady for her procedures. Particular Rabbis use various other proverb compared to that: “The newest goose stoops as it happens collectively, but the attention gaze afar.” It stating relates to the sort of one’s goose to forage having dining on to the floor with stooped lead, but at the same time their vision, found on the sides of its head, research rates to make sure that no possibilities lurks. Therefore, Abigail engaged in the latest instant matter (saving the woman family members of David’s sword), when you are at the same time exploring the long term and you may preparing the lady domestic accordingly (BT Megillah loc. cit.).

From inside the a special society, whenever Abigail bade David (v. 31): “remember their housemaid,” she try drawn to him-when you are she was still age looks in every another source into the plene spelling: Avigayil ??????, when you are here the lady name’s blemished, and you may she appears into the v. thirty-two in bad spelling: Avigal ????? (JT Sanhedrin dos:step 3, 20b).

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